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As we head into the second session of the 118th Congress, please take note of MOAA’s legislative priorities highlighted below. For 2023, we are continuing the momentum established over the previous year to carry our efforts into the second session of Congress. It is important to note all co-sponsors carry over, as do our messages and continued engagements.


Continuity and consistency of effort will be paramount to success — and we are closing in on many of these issues, so stay plugged in and ready to engage your legislators. There are other issues not listed here that are also being worked by our full staff of lobbyists. Our priorities will be shaped throughout the year depending on concurrent successes or emerging issues that warrant an all-hands approach.


We appreciate your grassroots efforts, which shore up all the work we are doing in the Capitol region. You can follow us online for updates on our progress.

MOAA’s primary mission is to provide nonpartisan advocacy in support of the earned benefits of active members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families.  The MOAA Greater Dallas - North Texas Chapter is very active supporting state and national level legislative initiatives.  Our advocacy initiatives focus on promoting a strong national defense and protecting the earned benefits of all active and former members of the military, surviving spouses of military members, and the families of active and former members of the military.


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