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Never Stop Serving

The North Texas Chapter of MOAA has a very active Community Service program.  Annually we:
  • Support the Veterans Center of North Texas

  • Participate in community Memorial Day services

  • Participate in Veterans Day programs

  • Present MOAA Leadership Medals to JROTC cadets

Veterans Center of North Texas

The Veterans Center of North Texas is the crown jewel of the chapter’s community service.  The Veterans Center of North Texas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides referral services to North Texas Veterans.  They have helped homeless veterans find temporary shelter, provided financial assistance to veterans in need, helped veterans find meaningful employment, and helped veterans in many other ways.  Two chapter members, Paul Hendricks and Dave Schafer, founded the Center in 2014 and are now serving over 1,100 veterans per year.  Four chapter members are currently working as volunteers at the Center; each are devoting 4 hours per week to help their fellow veterans.

Memorial Day Services

Chapter members participate in the McKinney ceremony honoring North Texas veterans who have given their lives for their country.  Chapter members have helped plan and organize this solemn ceremony.  Chapter members also participate in the Carry the Load ceremony in Dallas, the nation’s largest event to raise awareness of the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Veterans Day Programs

The chapter participates in Veterans Day ceremonies in McKinney and Dallas.  The chapter is partnering with citizens in Fairview to place flags in prominent locations to honor North Texas Veterans.  Chapter members getting ready to depart in their WWII Jeep.

JROTC Leadership Medals

The chapter promotes and encourages high school students interested in military service by presenting MOAA Leadership Medals to Junior ROTC at McKinney and Allen high schools.  This program recognizes one outstanding cadet or midshipman at each school who has demonstrated exceptional potential for military leadership.  One of our chapter members personally presents a medal to the cadet at the school’s JROTC awards ceremony.

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